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Scott Prospect Amplifier Goggle marbl blk/wh rose works


Since the 1970’s SCOTT has been leading the way in MX goggle development. Over 50 years later our goggles are still the best in the business. Boasting a massive field of vision, a 50mm strap, no sweat face foam and SCOTT’s proprietary lens lock system, our top of the range Prospect MX goggle delivers on all fronts.

Leave nothing on the table, your time is now. Allow the SCOTT prospect to defend your vision during your unwavering pursuit of victory.

LENS PERIMETER: We increased the lens height while lowering the nose design to create the largest possible lens and reduce visual obstruction.
FRAME THICKNESS: The closer the lens is to the eye, the larger the field of vision is. If a frame is too thick, you get a “tunnel effect”. The Prospect was designed slim to avoid this.
LENS CURVATURE: We curved the lens to the maximum in order to achieve maximum peripheral vision.
3 LAYER FACE FOAM: SCOTT’s 3 Layer Face Foam incorporates two layers of foam and one “No Sweat” layer to provide maximum comfort.
NO SWEAT FACE FOAM: This unique face foam consists of a red microfiber layer which is extremely water absorbing. It soaks up moisture super-fast and avoids sweat getting into your eyes or inside the goggle. It is also incredibly soft and comfortable.